We invite talented leaders to start with a great idea

Nourishing the conditions for ideas to ripen is a radical act of care. Our priority is extending that care to everyone who is committed to building communities that work for everyone. For so many impact leaders, time and resources are often eclipsed by the urgency of the need they are confronting. Maven is holding space for these leaders to develop creative solutions. To learn more, please read about our ideation initiative, Creators Studio and consulting for nonprofits and businesses click the button.


Implement it with a sense of ease and agency

The people most impact must be trusted to lead the way and we deserve to do it with the ease and control of our work and careers. These are key planks capable of closing the racial leadership gap that has remained unchanged in nonprofits for more than 20 years. Prioritizing ease and agency creates greater options and a more sustainable career trajectory. Maven envelopes our participants in a robust ecosystem that includes coaching, digital resources, professional relationships, and catalytic sponsorships. To learn more about our signature learning lab for intermediate participants, Maven Leadership Cohort and consulting for nonprofits and businesses click the button.


Then nourish its growth beyond expectation

Maven gives social impact leaders the lift they need to fly. Part of creating the conditions is removing the inherent obstacles these leaders face and then getting out of the way to let them do what they do best. When that becomes a consistent practice, we increase the likelihood of success. To learn more about our advanced learning lab, click the button.


While taking care of themselves

When Maven welcomes our community into spaces prepared with their well-being in mind, we ask them to “apply their oxygen masks before assisting others.” Integrating digital well-being resources and in-person activities into our professional development is a critical acknowledgement of the health equity issues that impact QTPOC social impact leaders. To learn more about what is available, please click the button.


And each other

For many years, Maven’s motto was LEARN. PLAY. SHARE. It continues to be our underlying philosophy. We create an expectation and opportunities for participants and alumnx to share what they have gained in expanding their professional skill set with their colleagues and the people they serve. To learn more, click the button.