Reimagining what is possible when building just communities


aven Leadership Collective is an ideas lab that creates the conditions for talented queer and trans social impact leaders of color and allies to build ecosystems of support for more just communities with greater ease, agency, and belonging.

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Maven Anthony Sis (They | Them)

Maven Rising

What if? Maven Leadership Collective began with the deceptively simple premise that if we are to change the narrative about justice-centered social impact then we need to change who shaped that narrative. What if we focus on people at the center of the work? Increased the agency of the communities most impacted by policies they had little opportunity to influence, but must live with the consequences? What was initially a training-forward model has evolved to become a robust ecosystem of support that includes coaching, funding, travel. At its core, our approach has always centered queer and trans social impact leaders of color, encouraged experimentation and play.

  1. Planting Seeds

    What If

    Maven invited us to reimagine how communities thrive when we are intentional about creating a robust ecosystem of support for talented QTPOC social impact leaders in the areas of civic engagement, economic independence, health equity, access to the arts and public education. It incorporates and begins planning how to become an effective community resource.

  2. New Beginnings

    Redefining Leadership

    Maven invites its first group of extraordinary social impact leaders to form a learning community in South Florida after gaining its tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization. Our team organized impactful workshops, arts & culture events, community dialogues, and well-being activities at no cost to participants–a practice that continues today for all initiatives.

  3. Growth

    Thinking More Expansively

    As word spread about Maven’s impact in providing operational skills, deeper professional connections, and wellness activities, additional opportunities to build community arise. We launched our first cohort in Central Florida, provided organizational support in Boulder, Colorado, and convened change agents who are building more just communities in Miami for our first Maven Rising.

  4. Impact

    Elevating Equitable Impact

    Recognizing a need to support Mavens who are scaling their community initiatives, we launched our first advanced learning lab. Maven also elevated stories of alumni success in our first annual Impact Report.

  5. Rest

    Centering Greater Ease

    Building on the momentum of a growing community well-being initiative, Maven increases access by building a digital platform and institutes Maven Camp, a gathering where leaders unplug, share big ideas, and focus on individual care and collective healing.

  6. Milestone

    Celebrating 5 Years

    Our anniversary year was special in that we were joined by our first multi-city professional development cohort and traveled internationally; produced creative digital content to influence the equity narrative and increase access to learning beyond the classroom; and expanded our ecosystem of support to include extraordinary leaders in North Carolina.

  7. New Chapter

    Maven enters a new era of reimagining what is possible in building more just communities when leading with experimentation and values-aligned collaborations.

Our Values

Maven Leadership Collective is an ideas lab that creates the conditions for Black and Brown social impact leaders who are queer, trans and allies. As an organization we commit to prioritizing:

      1. Multi-year commitment to providing an ecosystem of support for practitioners in our learning community.
      2. Building a community of lifelong learners, exchanging ideas and reframing the leadership narrative through practice–based on meaningful relationships and a culture of care.
      3. Holding sacred space for individual and collective healing that restores the covenant of trust that must exist for those in service to each other and community.
      4. Identifying financial resources that are values aligned with our work and trusting our learning community to connect them to opportunities with true promise.

Maven Vibes Sound Healing

Maven Kyle Maharlika (He | Him)

Learning Labs

Collaborative professional development for impact leaders at critical junctures in their career or organization’s development experiences. Click here to learn more.


Customized ideation, design, implementation, and assessment that nourishes healthy cultures in our community’s most trusted organizations.


Focused attention for individuals in private sessions or community clinics designed to amplify impact.


Creative narratives that elevate QTPOC leaders and the conditions it takes for us to thrive using intimate storytelling in a variety of formats.


In-person and digital opportunities to prioritize individual care and collective healing while celebrating Black and brown bodies.


Publications and campaigns that distill complex data and analysis to inform decision-making with greater ease.

Digital Library

On-demand professional development and well-being resources. Click here to learn more.


A key element in our ecosystem of support is catalytic sponsorship in the early stages of an initiative to increase the likelihood of success.