Investing in Black Queer & Trans Leaders at Critical Junctures

What does it look like for queer Black leaders to have greater ease?

We believe that early, robust funding catalyzes creativity, innovation, and sustainable impact. More than just funding, it is a way of saying we believe in you. We are with you. We have your back.

Our community has a long familiar tradition of making sure that our neighbors, loved ones, and colleagues have what they need. In this time where we are fighting against erasure, violence, and further criminalization, we must ensure that our community leaders are resourced and plugged into an ecosystem of support in ways that asserts our existence and honors previous generations who did the work without the same opportunities.

Here is one example of how investing in the elegant idea of one of our Mavens resulted in the exploration of untold stories and the affirmation of the Black queer elders who live them.

Give Them Their Flowers—An Exhibit of Black LGBTQ+ Miami History
Co-Curators: Maven Nadege Green & Marie Vickles
Black Miami-Dade

Videography: Alexa Caravia

Little Haiti Cultural Center

UM Global Black Studies