Wellness & Self-Care

“Apply your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

Maven Wellness Hub

Maven Wellness Hub is a free digital platform that supports our desire to feel good in our bodies. We have curated a beautiful collection of yoga, meditation, breathwork, tai chi, and qigong experiences for you to practice wherever is most comfortable to you.

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Maven Moves

Maven Moves is a free community yoga series for all levels held monthly. We create a lively, welcoming experience that celebrates all bodies and identities. Class participants are soothed and entertained by live musicians from various musical genres.

Maven Vibes

Maven Vibes is an inclusive healing sound meditation that invites participants to pause from their daily demands. Sessions are led by certified healers who use various techniques like gong, tuning forks, bowls and various other instruments to help participants achieve the deep relaxation benefits of sound vibrations therapy. All experience levels are welcome.