Maven Rising 2022

     November 4, 2022



1:00P – 2:15P

Welcome & Registration

Check-in, grab some goodies, and prepare for a truly transformational experience. Arrive early so that you may enjoy everything we have prepared for you in the Community Engagement Pavilion. As part of ensuring the well-being of our guests, electronic monitors will read your temperature prior to entering our facility.

1:00P – 2:15P

Community Engagement Pavilion

Begin your Maven Rising experience by setting yourself up for success by tending to your well-being, acquiring tools to advance professionally, connecting with new and familiar faces, and stimulating your senses. Don’t forget to fuel up with a complimentary lunch.

  • Wellness Clinic
  • Arts Installation
  • Professional Headshots
  • Lunch

2:15P – 3:00P

Power of One Session

Three dynamic Mavens will share how they came to understand their individual power—even in the face of injustice—and leveraged it to support equitable collective action and healing. These poignant, yet often humorous accounts will give us a glimpse of one moment, one action, and one community that influence their contribution to our community in service to others.

3:15P – 4:30P

Solutions Sessions

Learning is not a spectator sport. It’s time to engage even deeper on topics and solutions that have real application to our daily practice as social impact leaders. These highly interactive sessions are intended for exchanging ideas and resources.

Apply Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting OthersPresented by Nzingah Oniwosan (She | Her) & Daniel Higuera (He | Him)
Focus on your well-being with accessible tips for bringing greater ease into your life. Then practice some gentle movement from a seated position before surrendering to live sound and vibrations that call us to heal and find deeper connection both internally and with others.

Increasing Your Effectiveness: Identify Truly Great IdeasPresented by Daniel Anzueto (All Pronouns)
The pressure to quickly implement ideas is real. While the desire to move with urgency is compelling it often leads to squandered resources, burnout, and missed opportunities. What if we gave new ideas the space to breathe and breathed new life into ideas that were once great? Whether it’s a new business/organization, product/service, policy or partnership, your idea deserves a rigorous process for increasing the likelihood of your success.

Striking Out On Your OwnPresented by Melissa A. Rodriguez (She | Her)
For some leaders, a certain call leads them to follow a path that is yet to be charted. They are the founders. But, while rewarding charting a new path can feel like it is being done in isolation. Join us for helpful a discussion on intellectual property laws, contracts, setting professional fees, and tax liabilities that will make that path more familiar and paved with opportunities to connect with others on a similar journey.

Reimagining What’s Possible in PhilanthropyModerated by Doris Parent (She | Her)
In an increasingly fluid world, there is an invitation for philanthropy to evolve to meet a changing understanding of how identity, power, community, and wealth should influence society. Hear from practitioners in the field about their efforts to bring about change and receive feedback on the initiatives that you are advancing.

4:45P – 6:15P

Closing Panel

The Costs of “We’re Going to Get This Done Regardless”Moderated by Corey Davis (He | They)
The passion that drives so many who provide care for our community often comes from a lived experience where they may not have received the care they needed. It is unmistakable in their personal and professional commitment to change. But at what cost? Join us as we discuss the inadvertent messages we send and the implications on our health, funding, expectations of leaders, and relationships.

6:15P – 8:00P

Celebrating Achievement in Equitable Social Impact

Conclude a day of learning with a vibrant evening under the stars high above sparkling South Beach. There will be live music, performance, bites, and beverages. Join us for a memorable evening where we recognize leaders in health equity, the arts, civic engagement and economic independence for their commitment to change that works for all of us.