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Uncertainty is spreading among nonprofit leaders at a rate that almost outpaces how fast the virus is moving through our community. Their capacity to create a path forward has been taxed. They have been too busy performing COVID-induced triage to re-imagine the care that will be required to navigate the severely altered landscape post-pandemic. Our organizations are servicing increased demand, closing budget shortfalls/managing funding windfalls, and restructuring personnel. But, where do they get the coaching and technical assistance to increase the likelihood of survival? These leaders operate outside of the professional networks and development pipelines that have proven determinative in effectively moving to the front of the line of government and philanthropic responses. This has always been true, but is particularly acute during the pandemic. Queer and trans led-initiatives have borne the brunt of this impact disproportionately, even more so for communities of color. 

That is where Maven Leadership Collective comes in. Our coaching and technical assistance has been sought by alumni and those outside of our community of learners. The need for advice on how to best operate more resilient organizations during this challenging time is growing as the implications stemming from COVID surface and continue to ripple larger through the economy. Maven Recovery Clinic leverages our curriculum, network of subject matter experts, and resources to meet the unbudgeted need we have been addressing in a more focused and supported way. 

Our goal is to bring more certainty and confidence to a highly fluid time for those who were not considered when the system was built. 

There are three digiclasses that are available:
Action Planning 


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Individual Coaching

We are happy to answer your questions in the following areas:

-Strategic Planning

-Fundraising & Partnerships

-Project Management

-Talent Development


-Program Evaluation

-Culture Shift



You can schedule your 30-minute individual coaching session on the dates below:
March 5 | 10a – 1p
March 19 | 10a – 1p
April 2 | 11am – 2pm
Corey Davis

Corey Davis
Executive Director
He/Him & They/Them