”I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.”—James Baldwin

Lip Service explores the tension between the rhetoric used to hold power and the language of liberation. Compelling visuals, sound, light, and the written word create an immersive experience that invites us to interrogate the public discourse on identity, solidarity, and progress. The piece’s structure and rhythm mirrors the familiar call and response of some faith traditions by juxtaposing expectations of grace with demands for acts. We are left to ponder our own contribution to building a more just, connected, and compassionate existence for all of us in society. 

Lip Service was commissioned to mark the fifth anniversary of Maven Leadership Collective.

To learn more about the folx featured in Lip Service and the behind the scenes process read our blog article.

To download a pdf version of the Lip Service program, please click here.

Nadege Green (she | her)

Nadege Green is an independent researcher, writer, editor, community archivist and audio producer based in Miami. Her work centers the lived experiences of Black people in South Florida. Her practice and approach to storytelling is deeply rooted in history and first-person narratives that explore and connect issues around race, culture, climate justice, health inequities, poverty, and displacement.

Jasmen Rogers (she | her)

Jasmen Rogers, Founder and Principal Visionary at Folding Chair Consulting, has worked for several years at the intersection of racial and gender justice, advancing legislation that centers Black women, co-creating curriculum that makes the political process accessible, organizing movements towards social change, and building a base of women of color committed to Reproductive Justice.

Arsimmer McCoy (she | her)

Arsimmer McCoy is from Richmond Heights, FL. McCoy’s work covers conversation about identity, self-reflection, human connectivity, legacy, validation, and transparency. McCoy’s writings delve into her experiences of growing up in Miami; oftentimes exploring its underpinnings and community threading, through storytelling. Arsimmer has been a teaching artist for more than five years and creates and facilitates workshops in creative writing and performance.

Juan Matos (he | him)
Director & Cinematographer

Juan Luis Matos is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Miami, FL. He studied at the Hochsule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, Germany and received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He is a member of Third Horizon film collective that hosts an annual film festival in Miami and he is a 2020 + 2021 Suncoast Regional Emmy Award Winner. He is currently an artist in residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, FL.

Monica Sorelle (she | her)

Monica Sorelle is a Haitian-American filmmaker and artists born and based in Miami. Her work explores alienation and displacement, and preserves cultural traditions withing Miami and the Caribbean with a focus on the African and Latin diasporas that reside there.

Vanessa Charlot (she | her)

Vanessa Charlot is an award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer, filmmaker, lecturer and curator. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of race, politics, culture and sexual/gender expression to explore the collective human experience. The purpose of her work is to produce visual representations free of an oppressive gaze. Vanessa seeks to humanize Black bodies through her photography, restoring the dignity and vitality of those often shot as subjects divorced from context, motives, and histories. Her work invites us all to question our relationship to what we think about when we see Black bodies as static images and in motion.

Lest We Forget
By Arsimmer McCoy for the Maven Leadership Collective