Policy and Service Adaptation

Meaningful Involvement of People Living With HIV (MIPA)

Below are two resources to incorporate Meaningful involvement of people with HIV/AIDS (MIPA) into your organization, including how MIPA benefits CBOs, tools to assess MIPA at your organization, and mechanisms for greater involvement of people living with HIV:
Embodying Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV: Putting the Pieces Together
Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS (MIPA)

Building a Business Case

Presenting the business case for MIPA is a strategy to help leaders clearly see the value of:

  • Integrating PLWH in their services/programs
  • Adapting an organization’s culture of belonging
  • Expanding their organization’s reach to sustain a broader impact across their region/field.

The Building the Business Case for MIPA Worksheet  can help your organization develop an individualized business case for implementing the MIPA process in the organization.

Just Culture

Just Culture is a newer model for Organizations that is gaining momentum in our movement due to the fact that it looks beyond the organizational needs and centered the experience of all individuals involved in the organization, this people centered model leads to better outcome for organizations.

​Learn more about the Just Culture model in which institutions are accountable for the practices and sustainability regarding clients, program participants, and staff.
What is Just Culture
Just Culture Perfection? 10 Attributes
Just Culture Algorithm Guide