If I am leading change in organizations outside of the HIV space, how can I make my advocacy, policy formulation, program development, and/or service delivery more inclusive of people living with HIV and the issues that impact them most directly that intersect my work?

This web resource is a one-stop shop for: training participants with links to local resources agencies, community organizations, publications, websites, trainings etc.)

Handouts for Participants

Understanding what your team knows and believes about HIV and AIDS is crucial for the process of meaningful involvement of people living with HIV to begin in your organization.

Use this handout with the attached answer key to measure your teams baseline knowledge of HIV and AIDS

Communication is key to any good organizational relationship and specially when dealing with important subjects such as HIV and AIDS, we recommend using the following handout prepare by HIV.GOV that educates us on how to use language that is not stigmatizing when speaking about HIV and AIDS.

Case Studies

Practice makes perfect and once you have gone through the Linkages/Enlaces training you can perfect your understanding of people living with HIV/AIDS by practicing the following scenarios and case study with your team.

Stigma in Our Community Scenarios

Inclusive Workplace Case Study

Yoga Meditation

Interactive Resource Map

This map has all of the resources from both HIV service organization and all of the organizations that have participated in the Linkages/Enlaces initiative.

HIV Service Providers – Dark Red

Digital Organizing – Orange

Inclusive Immigrant Resource – Purple

Inclusive Advocacy and Mental Health Resources – Blue

Linkages/Enlaces: Working Together to Address HIV

Watch all of our segments from our December 18th event in partnership with the City of Orlando. This event features special messages from elected officials, a discussion about cutting edge HIV treatments including the new preventative vaccine, and a dialogue on inclusive social impact.