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Maven is an ideas lab that catalyzes equity in social entrepreneurship.

Maven is an ideas lab that cultivates equity in social entrepreneurship. We equip leaders to prioritize meaningful diversity & belonging as a critical tool for redefining how best to achieve more equitable and sustainable organizations.

Maven invests in talented queer and trans people of color and allies to build more resilient communities that thrive in transition, crisis, and tragedy.

Professional Development

We have spent years learning from and working with hundreds of extraordinary social impact leaders. Our practical approach to supporting queer and trans leaders of color and allies incorporates collective learning, integrates research, prioritizes cultural fluency, and invites creativity and experimentation.

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Coaching and Consulting

Maven is passionate about elevating the institutions that serve our queer and trans communities of color to become more equitable, resilient, and impactful. Whether individual coaching or capacity-building for nonprofits and corporations, we customize our course designs to achieve tangible outcomes and drive performance.

Wellness and Self-care

“Apply your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” Newcomers and frequent returners to our free community wellness initiatives hear this phrase often. When community leaders prioritize their health, they model wellness for their teams, the people they serve, and those they love. We are committed to hosting these free community wellness and self-care initiatives to equip queer communities of color to overcome health disparities.

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Civic Engagement

We all thrive when every neighbor feels like they belong to our community and their contributions to the places we work, learn, play, live, and worship are valued. In collaboration with our community partners, Maven strives to create opportunities for greater access to dialogue, human connection, and social change.

Maven Rising

Maven Rising is a free annual community event held every October. We encourage innovative thinking, celebrate artistic expression, and form meaningful personal connections–there is no event quite like it in south Florida. Maven Rising welcomes leading social impact leaders who are committed to centering meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion in daily practice to amplify our collective impact.

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“Imagine you experience a trauma, an injustice. Then you rise from it and create a solution to make the experience easier for others because the response you needed did not exist. But, you realize the response was never created with you in mind to begin with. You are overlooked, underestimated, and under-resourced. For queer and trans social impact leaders of color, this is an all-too-familiar scenario. For everyone else, it is a missed opportunity.”

Corey Davis, Co-founder & Executive Director