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Maven Leadership Collective provides leaders with the lift they need to fly.

We are a social impact ideas lab and content producer that prioritizes equity and belonging. Maven consistently invests in queer and trans social impact leaders of color and allies to build more resilient communities that thrive even in crisis, tragedy, and transition.

Our goal is to increase our effectiveness as a trusted community resource for social impact leaders committed to creating a more just, abundant, and empathetic world. Through transformational learning experiences, meaningful professional relationships, and collective healing activities, Maven creates the conditions for elevating individual talent and shifting institutional culture to achieve greater social impact in the areas of civic engagement, economic independence, health equity, and access to the arts and public education.

We invite you to help us sustain this work so that individuals who need these tools and resources to develop their skill sets have the access they need in order to change the world.

For more information, please read our 2021 Impact Report. To better understand the headwinds that Black-led organizations encounter in the non-profit sector, please read our 81 Reasons You Are Missing Out On The Next Best Thing.

We accelerate the trajectory of social impact leaders who are at a critical juncture in their career or in the life cycle of their venture and have agency over their work. Mavens are people who were not previously factored into the equation who now positively impact the world exponentially.