Creators Studio

Creators Studio gives great ideas space to breathe and breathes new life into ideas that were once great.

What is Creators Studio?

Maven’s Creators Studio is a five-week ideas lab that brings equity to social entrepreneurship.

  • Our rigorous strategies foster a learning climate of experimentation, collaboration, and creativity for exceptionally talented change agents.
  • Our goal is to accelerate the strategic process for converting great ideas into viable ones.
  • Our expert instructors and coaches guide participants through the process of identifying sustainable solutions to complex challenges.

What Do Our Creators Have To Say?

Tatiana Quiroga
Executive Director,
Come Out With Pride

“I am so grateful for this opportunity that has been life-altering. Thank you so much! ”

Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet
LGBTQ+ Liaison,
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

“I want to express my gratefulness, for the time and space made to bring my idea to light and teach me how I can make further connections to build support. ”

Angela Zanieya Hunt
Board of Directors,
Contigo Fund

“I feel ready to move forward. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move ahead with this idea. The Creators Studio has reminded me of my strengths and my power.”

Why should I apply?

Fifty percent of executive ideas fail. That represents an enormous commitment of time, energy, and resources. The culprit: bad strategies performed under time pressure.

What if we were to re-imagine the way we conceive and implement solutions in our organizations?

How can we improve our outcomes by ensuring that everyone feels free to experiment and lead with vulnerability using a systematic approach?

Often, we do not have the time, institutional buy-in, or resources to fully explore these questions. Maven’s Creators Studio is an important resource for social entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

Who should apply?

Anyone who has a great idea for a new product/service, community initiative, internal process/project, or new organization and needs time to develop it to its full potential. This is not a space to support implementation.

  • Solo change makers that thinks differently about social impact 
  • C-suite executives with a vision to shift their organization’s culture
  • Department heads charged with improving results
  • New board members who wants to make a contribution beyond a donation 
  • College students engaged in campus activism


Applicants from the nonprofit, private, or public sector are welcome as long as they demonstrate the idea’s social impact. Applicants must be able to commit to attending all sessions, and they must have the willingness to be vulnerable and work collaboratively with others.


Creators Studio is offered at no cost to participants.

Daniel Anzueto

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