Connection Starts With Vulnerability

April 28, 2022

Miami-based artist Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ (aka Vũ, they/them) goes deep. In their curated performance where the only prompt was to “have a vulnerable conversation”, six artists moved through sound and space balancing a ceramic gourd and the trust between them. Vũ presented 40 one-of-a-king hand-thrown ceramic gourds. This commission was made possible by a partnership between Commissioner, Maven, and New World School of the Arts.

“We should be supporting artists like Vũ by making sure that early on we are investing in them as individuals, investing in their work. So that means funding early on and upfront. That means collaborating with multiple institutions like @cmxnr and @nwsaschool. It means telling our friends and colleagues about individuals who are on the rise and making sure that they get the attention that they deserve.” – Maven Co-founder & Executive Director Corey Davis (He | They)

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Photos by Andrea Lorena courtesy of Commissioner.