Multidisciplinary Artist Michelle Lisa Polissaint Shares Her World in a New Visual Arts Commission Dedicated to Miami

Using photography, textiles, and community-centered initiatives to reflect the world through her intersectional lens, Polissaint is creating 40 mystery works for each Commissioner Collector member with support from Maven Leadership Collective. This new body of work will be unveiled on February 26 with the Commissioner and Maven communities and invited guests, replete with an artist conversation and bona fide karaoke session. Read More.

Apply Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others

Low sound waves of a gong pulsated through a still room of 10 brave and tranquil strangers at Maven Rising 2022. The solution session, “Apply Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others,” taught attendees how to connect with their own needs and boundaries through sound therapy and meditation. The metaphor of an oxygen mask resembles the practices one might use to put their needs first, before attempting to help others. Read More

Reimagining Philanthrophy

During the second half of Maven Rising, guests broke out into solution sessions where they were able to engage even deeper on topics that have real application in their daily practice as social impact leaders. In the session, “Reimagining What’s Possible in Philanthropy”, participants provided their expertise on how philanthropy can evolve to meet a changing understanding of how identity, power, community and wealth should influence society. Read More

Social Impact Leaders Celebrated Excellence while Harnessing Collective Power at Maven Rising

Maven Rising took over the New World Center to facilitate insightful conversations, inspire change, and celebrate the continuous work being done in the community to uplift and elevate queer and trans people of color. Read More.

Where Can You Go Quiet?

Maven Leadership Collective commissioned poet Arsimmer McCoy (she | her)  to write a poem about the need for rest. She delivered the poem at Maven Moves & Vibes on April 20, 2022. This event was produced in collaboration with O, Miami for their annual poetry festival. Read More

Connections Start With Vulnerability

Miami-based artist Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ (aka Vũ, they/them) goes deep. In their curated performance where the only prompt was to “have a vulnerable conversation”, six artists moved through sound and space balancing a ceramic gourd and the trust between them. Vũ presented 40 one-of-a-king hand-thrown ceramic gourds. This commission was made possible by a partnership between Commissioner, Maven, and New World School of the Arts. Read More

With Us: Maven Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary with a Homecoming Celebration

Maven turns five: a night filled with joy, community, and an eye towards the future. After two years of virtual meetings and celebrations, Maven Leadership Collective shared a warm embrace in celebration of our milestone fifth anniversary.  Maven has been supporting and investing in queer and trans people of color since the inception of their signature leadership development program in 2017. For many of the Maven alumnx and friends, the night felt like a homecoming celebration. Read More.

New $100k Fund Elevates Impact for QTPOC Leaders

In conjunction with its fifth anniversary, Maven Leadership Collective is launching the Elevate Impact Fund. The $100,000 fund will provide queer and trans social impact leaders of color with much-needed resources without the normal red-tape we encounter. Read More.

Art Lessons: Maven Draws From Artists to Create a More Equitable Culture

Maven’s dedication to the arts is clear in their partnership with Commissioner, an art membership program that helps everyday art lovers in cities collect the works of some of the most gifted local contemporary artists. Collecting art can be intimidating, either because people lack the network, the finances or the knowledge. Read More

Miami Artist Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ Explores the Healing Power of Conversation in a New Performance

Rising Miami-based artist Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ (they/them) to present a groundbreaking new performance work, commissioned by local arts membership program Commissioner in partnership with Maven Leadership Collective and the Mitchell Wolfson, Sr. Foundation, that explores conversation as portals and containers for abundance. Read More.

The Philanthropic Gap Between Intention and Impact

By seeking out and inviting diverse excellence into our decision-making processes, we can create more innovative solutions, more resilient communities, and more meaningful change. When strategic decisions are made by people without relevant lived experience and understanding of the communities they want to serve, the impact of those decisions may be inadequate, ineffective, and harmful. Read More.

Our Problems Are Entangled, But So Are Our Solutions

This pandemic continues to show us how interconnected our communities are—if something affects one of us, it affects all of us. Our problems are entangled, but so are our solutions. Queer and trans people of color continue to lead the way in resilience and innovation. With more support, we can make sure everyone benefits from the solutions being created. Read More.

Fierce & Unbothered: A Liberation Testimony

Filmed in the Historic Hampton House in Miami’s Brownsville neighborhood, “Fierce & Unbotheredis a declaration of Black queer struggles and liberation. The music video juxtaposes archival footage of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s with current movements for Black freedom from police violence, homophobia, and transphobia. Read More.

Operationalizing Your Equity Aspirations: A Practitioner’s Guide

We created this report, “81 Reasons You Are Missing Out on the Next Big Thing” to highlight the need for early, robust, and consistent investment in QTPOC-led organizations—not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes our organizations and leaders more innovative, effective, and responsive to the needs of our communities. Read More.