Our Problems Are Entangled,

But So Are Our Solutions

February 16, 2022

COVID-19 sent a shock wave through every aspect of our lives. For too many people, employment, housing, mental health, and so much more have been put at risk.

This pandemic continues to show us how interconnected our communities are—if something affects one of us, it affects all of us.

Our problems are entangled, but so are our solutions.

Innovations and good ideas can spread surprisingly fast. Strength and support can be shared remotely. Hope and passion are contagious.

Through our inseparability, we find our new way forward.

An Opportunity for More Equitable Philanthropy

Instead of reaching those most impacted, response and recovery efforts have been insufficient, too often perpetuating pre-existing inequities of wealth, decision-making, and access to resources.

Nearly half of Black-led nonprofit organizations reported a loss in grant revenue in 2020, despite the data showing communities of color being disproportionately affected by the spread of COVID-19.

But in the midst of ongoing uncertainty, new possibilities emerge—opportunities to experiment and restructure programs of charitable giving and resource allocation.

We see people searching for tools to help them navigate the ever-shifting landscape. We see the striving for positive change, the desire to take action, and confusion about where to direct energy, attention, and funding.

That’s why the Maven Leadership Collective has collected data about the challenges faced and the potential for new solutions. We are eager to provide insight and guidance on how philanthropic systems can be further transformed for more equitable support.

Promoting Innovative Approaches to Philanthropy

As part of Maven’s ongoing work to build more resilient communities that thrive in crisis, tragedy, and transition, our “81 Reasons…” report provides data and resources to inform decisions and drive innovation.

We encourage you to use the information in this report to identify areas of improvement and translate this data into action:

  • Seek out and support innovative leaders. They’ll often be found leading the charge for equity in under-resourced communities where new solutions are needed most.
  • Give unconditionally and listen. The people immersed in crisis understand their needs and potential.
  • “Nothing about us, without us.” Make sure community members are involved in every decision that affects them.
  • Demand greater accountability of yourself and your philanthropic partners for the ripple effects and distant consequences of your decisions.
  • Be mindful of your own physical and mental health. Your well-being affects the well-being of others.

Together, we can create vibrant communities that are well-equipped to respond, adapt, and thrive in stressful times.

Investing in Community

Great hardships and trauma can lead to a heightened sense of compassion and purpose.

Generosity, empathy, and collective healing arise out of struggle and suffering.

Your contribution to Maven allows us to harness the wisdom of our communities, invest in leadership development, and build on the successes of our peers.

Read our report, “81 Reasons You Are Missing Out on the Next Big Thing: The Moral & Business Case for Early, Robust, and Consistent Investment in QTPOC-led Social Impact Organizations” to see why now is the time to invest in a new way forward.

Donate today. Your generous gifts share strength, hope, and inspiration—the seeds we need to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and prepare for future crises.

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