Announcements & Achievements

View below for recent announcements and achievements from the Maven Community.

Announcements & Achievements

View below for recent announcements and acknowledgments from MLC.

We want to highlight your academic, activist, and professional achievements with our network.  To help us do this, please submit information or press coverage of your recent achievements, projects, publications, or anything related here.

Board Member Applications – Come Out With Pride Orlando

Come Out With Pride is seeking board members, specifically in need of persons with experience in festival / parade planning, legal, marketing, communication, fundraising, and grant writing. While our Production Team is responsible for planning and executing the event including managing the various teams of volunteers helping throughout the year and week of, the board is responsible for the financial stability of the organization as well as setting and adhering to a long-term vision.

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Maven Leadership Impact Report

Increasingly, Maven Leadership Collective has become a recognized community resource for those who care about building communities where everyone can thrive. We know that is–in large part–due to the incredible work that you and the other extraordinary social impact leaders in our growing community of Mavens are doing each and every day. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and for your role as ambassadors of the program.

It is our pleasure to share with you our first impact report, Maven Rising, detailing Maven’s efforts over the past three years. Moving forward, we will share this report each year as the centerpiece of our impact storytelling. So, please share your challenges and triumphs with us so that we may elevate them. We would like to thank Maven Ana Mantica for her stewardship of this process.

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Paid Research Study

The TCC Group and AHF are conducting a study to gather insights on the attitudes, beliefs, and sexual practices of young people 18-24 years old during COVID-19, and the related conversations that sexual health providers are having with their patients. They are looking to recruit 100 consumers (25 per areas) and 50 providers (12-13 per area), all of whom will be compensated $50 to participate in one (1) 35-minute interview. More requirements for participation can be found on the attached image.

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Study examining the Relationships Between Healing Justice Practices, Trauma, and Burnout in Activism.

Elizabeth McInerney, a graduate student from the University of Miami, is currently working on a study examining the relationships between healing justice practices, trauma, and burnout in activism.
If you have an active healing justice practice (e.g., meditation, yoga), you may be eligible for this study. You do not need to have a history of trauma or burnout to participate.
If you decide to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete an interview over Zoom lasting 60-75 minutes. Remember, this is completely voluntary. You can choose to be in the study or not. If you would like to participate or have questions about the study, please contact Elizabeth at: or (919) 433-7696. You may also contact the research supervisors, Dr. Lydia Buki at: or (305) 284-2230, or Dr. Scot Evans at: or (305) 284-4142.